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Dasein provides strategic residency by investment solutions for the mobile global citizen. Our team will help you understand and prioritize the personal, professional, financial and cultural implications of living in another country to create a life where borders never stand in the way of your aspirations. Learn about some residency by investment programs below.

Residence by Investment Programs


Minimum Investment

Time To Residency

Key Advantage


AUD 5,000,000

60 months

Right to live for an unlimited period of time


USD 500,000

4-6 months

No taxes on income, inheritance, gifts, or capital gains

Cayman Islands

USD 2.4 million

4-6 months

No income, property, estate, or corporate taxes


USD 280,000

3-6 months

Favorable tax program


EUR 1,000,000

12 months

Pathway to EU citizenship


EUR 250,000

3-4 months

The right to live, work, and study in Italy; favorable tax status


SGD 2.5 million

9-12 months

High quality of life destination; favorable tax status

United States

USD 800,000

18-24 months

Opportunity to live, work, and study anywhere in US and benefit from lower tuitions


USD 370,000

6 months

Tax-free resident for 11 years (tax-holiday program)

Concierge-Style Attention

Working closely with a small number of clients each year, Dasein takes the kind of personal, tailored approach you expect and deserve.

Valuable Affiliation

With decades of experience and an affiliation with the world’s leading private client-focused law firm, we can do what others can’t.

Holistic Solutions

Dasein will help you understand and prioritize the personal, professional, cultural, travel, tax and wealth planning aspects of residency and citizenship.

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