About Us

Based in New York and with a global reach, we work with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals (HNWIs), and family offices in acquiring citizenship or residence in key jurisdictions.

In today’s world, our clients face real political and economic uncertainty and, in many countries, threats to the personal safety of their families and themselves. Taking up residence or citizenship in another country mitigates these risks and provides additional options and choices.

An increasing number of countries offer the opportunity to gain residence or citizenship through various means, including investing in national development funds and specific projects. Dasein provides the most comprehensive and multi-disciplined level of advice to HNWIs in acquiring citizenship as well as residence in countries, giving them and their family the security of rights to live in another country. Additionally, Dasein is also able to provide access to the whole range of tax planning and risk management services offered by Dasein’s international legal teams.

Our clients are successful, resourceful and concerned about the risks they, their families and businesses face. Here at Dasein, we help our clients control their destinies.

We advise clients on strategic residence and citizenship planning through investing in national development funds and other projects. Our DNA requires that we fully understand the client’s needs and concerns, devise an integrated strategy built around utility of jurisdiction, tax and risk and then execute the plan with a team of experts.

Know the Client

  • Consult with individuals, family offices and advisors to identify the primary reason for moving and short/long term goals.
  • Understand tax, wealth planning, risk and other issues facing client.

Devise Strategy

  • Analyze appropriate citizenship and residency programs; discuss costs, pros and cons of each.
  • Select most suitable program and project.
  • Accompany client to jurisdiction if needed.

Execute Plan

  • Assemble team of tax, immigration and other experts.
  • Coordinate case filing.
  • Liaise with local partners and government officials to assure success.
  • Deliver passport or residence card.

Concierge-Style Attention

Working closely with a small number of clients each year, Dasein takes the kind of personal, tailored approach you expect and deserve.

Valuable Affiliation

With decades of experience and an affiliation with the world’s leading private client-focused law firm, we can do what others can’t.

Holistic Solutions

Dasein will help you understand and prioritize the personal, professional, cultural, travel, tax and wealth planning aspects of residency and citizenship.

Let’s talk about your future.