Cayman Islands

Program: Certificate of Permanent Residence for Persons of Independent Means

Investment minimum: CI$2million (US$2.4 million) in developed real estate

  • Investment can be in single or multiple properties
  • No requirement to maintain the same investment during the residency period
    (free to buy and sell properties)

Investment holding period: Until obtaining the right to be Caymanian on grounds of Naturalization

Time to residence: 4-6 months waiting time for Certificate of Permanent Residence

Residency requirements:

90 days minimum spent in the Cayman Islands per year
No criminal convictions
Good health
Purchased locally compliant health insurance coverage
Can demonstrate the required financial standing (ability to maintain self/dependents adequately)

Eligible dependents:

  • Spouse
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Dependent children under the age of 24 (full-time students)
  • Parents, grandparents, grandchildren and siblings who are wholly dependent on the applicant

Key advantages:

  • No income, property, estate or corporate taxes
  • No restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate
  • High GDP and standard of living
  • One of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean
  • Residents can vary their certificate to obtain the right to work
  • Residents are eligible to obtain a British passport

Time to citizenship: Can apply after 5 years of residence

  • 3 months waiting time for approval of an application for Naturalization as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC); then
  • 6 weeks waiting time for approval for a Cayman Islands passport; then
  • 3-4 months waiting time for approval of an application for registration as a British citizen; then
  • 6 weeks waiting time for issuance of British passport

Residence certificate fees:

Certificate of Permanent Residence for Persons of Independent Means

  • Application fee: CI$500 (US$610)
  • Grant fee: CI$100,000 (US$121,955)
  • Dependent fee: CI$1,000 (US$1,220)
  • Variation fee: CI$500 (US$610)

Citizenship fees:

Naturalisation as a BOTC

  • Adults: CI$825.00 (US$1,006.10)
  • Children: —

Registration as a BOTC

  • Adults: —
  • Children: CI$450.00 (US$548.78)

Cayman Islands Passport

  • Adults: CI$100.00 (US$121.95)
  • Children: CI$75.00 (US$91.46)

Right to be Caymanian on grounds of Naturalisation

  • Adults: CI$250.00 (US$304.87)
  • Children: CI$250.00 (US$304.87).

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